Yamagata Needs Working Places. Medical Workers Cure the Lone Old.

Statistical survey discovered that Yamagata economy is divided into traditional and city life. Yamagata needs working places for commercial and manufacturing activity. Increasing the number of medical workers may cure the problem of the lone old in traditional life style.


We selected 121 factors from eStat data and made network analysis where factors connect each other with correlation coefficients.

We focused on 35 Yamagata cities from the Japan network analysis.

Traditional and City Life

We progressed network analysis of 121 factors on Yamagata cities. The factor network of Yamagata shows the factors are mainly divided into 2 separate regions in traditional (left) and city life (right).

The Old in Traditional Life

The left region indicates traditional life where majority is old people including school teachers, farmers, and manufacturing workers.

The City Life

The right region shows the city life since it has factors of nuclear family, crime rate, population density, and total taxpayer income price.


Top 10 of Betweeness

An statistical index of between indicates global hidden connectivity among all the network system. The following is top 10 of betweeness in Yamagata.

Factor			Description				Betweenness
office			working place				859.1
maker_employee		employee in manufacturing		633.1
family_senior_single	family of a single old			507.7
worker_medic.log	worker in medical service		501.0
worker_2		worker in manufacturing			398.5
office_2		manufacturing working place		359.1
family_nucl_spouse	nuclear family of husband & wife	342.9
family_trans		family in 2005				317.5
merchant_office		commercial office			304.0
worker_maker.log	worker in manufacturing			289.5

More Working Place and Medical Workers for Yamagata

Yamagata has clearly separate structure of traditional and city life style. As shown in the betweenness list, manufacturing working places of high betweenness are critical factors connecting traditional life with city life as hubs. Increasing the manufacturing working place may activate economy in Yamagata.

There is a problem of the lone old in traditional world. Medical worker is also a critical factor in Yamagata. Increasing the number of medical worker will solve the lone old problem because it directly links to the lone old.

We recommend two policy of increasing working places and medical workers for the activation of Yamagata prefecture. We hope policy makers will utilize this network result to activate Yamagata’s economy.




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