Okinawa, A Migratory Life Divided into Child-Caring Family and the Old

Statistical survey discovered that Okinawa economy is divided into child-caring families and the old. Okinawa has a migratory life style such migrant workers, orphans, or the old in home.


We selected 121 factors from eStat data and made network analysis where factors connect each other with correlation coefficients.

We focused on Okinawa cities from the previous Japan network analysis.

Three Regions in Okinawa

We progressed network analysis of 121 factors on Okinawa cities. The factor network of Okinawa shows that factors are mainly divided into 3 regions in left, middle, and right.

Child-Caring Families

The yellow green left region indicates the child-caring family composed of child and adult since the factors related to child and adult stand at the center of this region.

The Old Connected to School

The right region shows the old people. It has school-related factors in it. In Okinawa school system may be a center for the old.

Migratory Life of Okinawa

In the middle, there were migratory factors such as the people who move in, move out, work outside their own city, or orphans and the old in home. And divorced single persons tend to run restaurant for earning according to the network diagram.


Top 10 of Betweeness

An statistical index of between indicates hidden connectivity among all the network system. The following is top 10 of betweeness in Okinawa.

Factor			Description				Betweenness
movein			People moving in			186.6
employee_out		Employees working outside the city	175.1
worker_gov.log		Worker in government			169.0
moveout	        	People moving out			161.1
family_faculty		Orphans and the old in home		136.6
divorce			Divorce Rate				120.5
maker_employee		Employees in manufacturing		102.2
jhigh_student		Junior high school students		100.4
popul_day_rate.log	Population rate in day and night	 97.4
maker_shipping.log	Total product shipping price		 86.7

As previously noted, the people moving in, moving out, and working outside the city has high betweenness score, showing these migratory factors connect the two divided world such as child-caring family and the old. As well known Okinawa has much high divorce rate among other prefectures in Japan, the result also indicates that divorce rate is a critical factors in Okinawa.

Okinawa Should Take a Migratory Policy

Okinawa was found to be a migratory life style by our analysis, having a feature where the people are coming in and out. Then we recommend Okinawa should take a migratory strategy to invite people and money by travel and tax-free policy, which Singapore succeeded as a center of East Asian hub airport. We hope policy makers in Okinawa will utilize this analysis result for the better economy situated among economically hot east asian countries.



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