Male homicide victims are 3.534 times more than famales


Analysis of UNODC Homicide Statistics revealed that male homicide victims are over 3 times more than female victims according to all the countries.

I was motivated by one twipic which suggest male homicide victims looks more than female ones.

Then I reanalyzed the data from UNODC Homicide Statistics.

When we plot the homicide victims in two axes of male and female victims per 100,000. However, the countries of lower homicide concentrated in left bottom region of the graph.


When we show the homicide victims in the logarithmic scale, the country plot are arranged in a blue diagonal line which is calculated in least square method.


The least square values tells us that male victims are 3.534 times larger than female with exponential rate of 1.094 as in the following formula of the predicted model.

Male = 3.534 * Female ^ 1.094

On the contrary of our impression that women are frequently homicide victims, however the homicide analysis in the world revealed the opposite result that male victims are 3 times more.



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