Kasumigaura is a joyful place – The Second Largest Lake in Japan

Please enjoy marine sports in Kasumigaura, the second largest lake in Japan. We have boat rentals: tiny sailboats, canoes, and motor boats. We provide you with schools of sailboat and canoe, and boat licensing course in English. You will enjoy a picnic or BBQ party under the big trees at the yacht harbor. Enjoy Kasumigaura lake!


Please tell us that you saw this blog when you contact us.

1. BBQ party

BBQ utensil rental. Free parking. Facility fee 300 yen per person in a day. Carry back garbage. No campfire. Reservation needed.

2. 30-min trip on a pleasure boat or sail-propelled fishing boat (July to October) at Kasumigaura Lake

1,500 yen per adult → 1,300 yen

750 yen per child → 650 yen

3. Tiny sailboat rental for two people

Two hours 3,500 yen → 3,000 yen. Plus insurance 500 yen per person.

4. Canoe rental of a single or double seater

Two hours 3,000 yen → 2,500 yen. Plus insurance 500 yen per person.

5. Canoe & sailboat school for beginners

3-day practice. 3 hours (10:00~13:00) in a day. 5,000 yen per day.

6. Itako-Ayame sightseeing

One-hour trip on a pleasure boat. End of May to June. Reservation needed.

7. Asou Spa sightseeing

One-hour trip on a pleasure boat to the spa at the shore of Kasumigaura lake. Reservation needed.

8. Choushi Spa & Shopping

85-km trip on a pleasure boat. Departs in the early morning and arrives in the evening. Reservation needed.


Tetsuya Tsubota,

Lacus Marina

Tel: 029-822-2437  Fax: 029-826-2839

Email: info@lacusmarina.com

URL: http://www.lacusmarina.com

2-13-6 Kawaguchi, Tsuchiura, Ibaraki, 300-0033 JAPAN




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