Foreigners activate Tokyo, but lone seniors have a problem

Statistical survey discovered that foreigners will activate Tokyo economy. But Tokyo has a problem of lone seniors.


Network Analysis

We selected 121 factors from eStat data and made network analysis where factors connect each other with correlation coefficients.

We focused on Tokyo cities from the previous Japan network analysis.

Rich and Poor

We progressed network analysis of 121 factors on Tokyo cities. The factor network of Tokyo shows that factors are mainly divided into 3 regions in left, middle, and right. The yellow green left region indicates poor people since the factor of unemployed people stands at the center of this region. The right region shows the supercluster of rich people or high income taxpayers as tax income are situated near this region. In the middle, there were foreigners of large circle and workers.

Foreigner as a new working class in Tokyo

The following is top 10 of betweenness among 121 factors.

Label	                Description	                Betweenness
foreigner.log	        foreigner	                164.7
family_trans	        family in 2005	                129.2
family_worker.log	worker in family business	119.9
farmer_product.log	agricultural product price	109.2
worker	                worker	                        106.1
family_senior_single	single senior family	        105.1
commuter_in	        commuter coming to this city	 99.5
worker_3	        tertiary industry worker         85.3
worker_miner.log	mining worker	                 84.0
worker_3b	        tertiary industry worker	 75.9

The factor of foreigner has the highest betweenness score. As the network diagram shows, foreigner is a hidden activator in Tokyo as workers. On the contrary to our expectation of Japanese homogeneity, foreigner may be a new working class in Tokyo cities, which connects the boundaries of rich and poor people in Tokyo.

Lone Senior Problem in Metropolis

When we look at the poor people region, single senior family is a remarkably large circle there. This suggests that the problem of lone seniors may drag other factor in the poverty in Tokyo.


Immigration Policy in Aging Society

We Japanese continued ethnic homogeneity long years. But in the coming age, we must confront multivalued society which accepts foreigners as living partner in all aspects for our future. Increasing foreign population may lead to some problems, but may also lead us to a rich cultural diversity. We expect policy in Tokyo will improve immigration environment.

And solution to the problem of lone seniors is also important since this problem is the critical point of poverty in metropolis.

This survey was done by data galaxy team on the competition of data journalism camp & award in Dec, 2013.



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