Commerce and hotel business will activate Japan

Statistical survey discovered that commerce and hotel business will activate Japanese society.


We selected 121 factors from eStat data and made network analysis where factors connect each other with correlation coefficients.

Metropolis and Countryside

The factor network of Japan shows that factors are mainly divided into 3 clusters in left, middle, and right. Factors of metropolis formed the left supercluster. Right region includes countryside supercluster, commerce, and manufacturing clusters. In the middle, there was hotel business and NEETs who don’t work and live with their parent.

Importance of Global Connectivity

Network analysis have many feature index. Betweenness is an index which shows importance of global connectivity. Betweenness indicates a hidden important relay station on the networked system. We show a network diagram of factors where the betweenness was shown in the circle size.

Factor	                Description	                  Betweenness
merchant_employee       commercial employee               164.0
restaurant	        restaurants	                  123.1
family_parent_m         families with father	          117.3
unemployed	        unemployed people	          115.4
ground_residence.log	ground price in residential area  113.2
high_student	        high school students	          112.2
family_parent_f	        families with mother	          108.8
garbage_emission	garbage emission amount           107.4
garbage_recycle	        garbage recycling rate	          102.0
elem_student	        elementary school children	   94.7

Commerce is important

The factor of commercial employee (merchant_employee) has the highest betweenness score. As the network diagram shows, restaurants (restaurant) also has the high betweenness. Garbage emission amount (garbage_emission) is high because commercial activity causes a large amount of garbage as a consumption result. These three commercial factors situated on the middle side of the network system. They are regarded as relay station to the far metropolis and must be an important activating factors in the total system.

Travel Industry is welcomed

Hotel business (hotel) and amusement workers (employee_amuse.log) are situated between the metropolis and countryside superclusters. That means those two factors are activator of the system, which globally connect the two divided superclusters.


Commerce and Travel are activator

Our conclusion is that hotel business and commerce will activate the Japan society in the hidden layer of economical structure. We hope political decision will learn from this result and pursuit activation of Japanese economy.

This survey was done by data galaxy team on the competition of data journalism camp & award in Dec, 2013.



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